South Asian Heritage Celebration is taking place in Queens, New York

Written by Gokul Shrestha, New York

The South Asian Heritage celebration is confirmed to take place in Elmhurst, Queens of New York City. The program, which is going to be held on this Wednesday May 9, will be organized by New York City Council Member Costa Constantinides and co-organized by New York City Council member Danial Dromm.

The celebration program is hosted by Event USA Entertainment, TBN 24, Mohammad AG, Mangal Das Shrestha, Harwachan Singh, and Jamial Singh and will be held in the evening at 6pm at Lexington School for Deaf, 25-26 75th Street, East Elmhurst, New York. According to a host Mr. Shrestha, the program is being organized for the first time in New York. The different program, which display cultures of different South Asian countries, will be presented in the event.  Similarly, the individuals who had special contribution to the society will be honored. The organizer has requested all for the participation in the program.

The Heritage celebration is co-hosted by 12 different South Asian organizations. Among them are – Bangladesh Society, Kirat Rai Society of America, Ridgewood Nepali Samaj, Tamang Society of North America, Newa: Guthi New York, Sherpa Association in America, United Bhutanese Association of America, Weekly Bengali, Gorkha Samaj, Pakistani American Community of New York, and Pakistani American Community of Long Island.

If there are any queries about the program, it can be directly contacted to Mr. Joy Chowdhury, a Community Liaison of Councilman Mr. Costa, at his email jchowdhury@council.nyc.gov  

Who is Mr. Costa?

Councilman Mr. Costa is known as a democratic leader who advocates in favor of rights of immigrant people. Mr. Costa who represents District 22 does not only advocates for the immigration rights of the people of District 22 but also advocates for the people of New York and USA concerning immigration facilities, convenient procedure, and rights. Similarly, Mr. Costa openly advocated concerning the renewal of TPS of Nepalese people. Likewise, he has strongly initiated to manage the Nepali language at Elmhurst Hospital. He has formally sent a letter to the hospital administration and requested to manage Nepali language. Similarly, he has been initiating with Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) New York for the provision to allow attending exam in Nepali language. Councilman Mr. Costa, who always prioritizes, and advocates demands put forth by the leaders of Nepali diaspora, has been established as an optimistic leader for the Nepali American people.   

The working areas of Mr. Costa who represents District 22 of New York city are Astoria, some parts of Jackson Heights, Woodside, and East Elmhurst.  He is a Chairperson of Environmental Protection Committee of New York City Council, and affiliated with other four different committees. Mr. Costa is a distinguished and powerful leader who was elected in the City Council election in 2013 and re-elected in 2017 with 93 percentages of votes.  

Mr. Costa, who was very popular due to his very important work during his first tenure, is also famous in his second tenure. He has mobilized all his powers for the rights of immigrant people. 

Translated by Yadab Prasad Bastola